Help & About

What is this?

It's list of canvases which data is backed by Bismuth cryptocurrency blockchain. Basically, anyone can draw onto these canvases (if allowed by canvas owner) by sending a special transaction to Bismuth blockchain


All depicted images are creations of anonymous people. I do not hold any responsibility for the content. However, I will do my best to keep the canvases free of illegal content. If you don't like what you see or you think that this service sucks balls, leave this website and don't come back. Thank you.

How do I draw?

Just pick a color and start drawing, pixel by pixel. When you are finished (or you have reached maximum pixels draw per transaction), just send the transaction to the network

User interface explained

Bismuth Drawing GUI

Sending a drawing transaction

  1. After you are finished with drawing, click on "Copy BIS Url" button
  2. Open your BIS wallet, paste the BIS url into correct field in Send tab
  3. Click "Read" button. All fields should be filled in automaticaly
  4. If everything is ok, click Send Bismuth
Bismuth light wallet GUI and tutorial

Note: If the operation field and data field are not filled, this transaction will not be accepted by canvas

Registering a new canvas

You can register a new canvas by sending a specialized transcation generated on the Register canvas page. These are few tips about the registration process:

Why would you create this piece of shit?

This is a hobby project that I have created to help me understand Bismuth cryptocurrency a little bit deeper.